The Lace Front Wig, also known as an invisible hairline hair replacement unit, is your secret weapon to gorgeous looking hair without anyone guessing whether or not it's yours. Why? Because it looks like yours.  The hairline is yours. The part is yours. Where else can you get a wig like this!
And best of all the hairline is yours! Not another wig will offer you these options where you can wear your hair back, pull it up in a pony tail and even swim in! That's why it's the celebrity's choice and now the other population as well including you.
Professional Hair Weaving is done with a hair weaving machine
These are four of the natural looks possible from Minique Hair Designers and Hair Weeving
While these wigs have been in existence for over ten years they have primarily been used by celebrities, Hollywood's sole domination on lace front wigs has changed thanks to celebrities such as Beyonce Knowles, Halle Berry, Jessica Simpson and Tyra Banks, and those who wear these hair replacement systems on a regular basis. 
Lace wigs have become increasingly popular among the general population. The secret is out and available to you. It's just a matter of time before it will be the first choice for the discriminating person who wants the best and desire the best look. You deserve the best and   the best is what we give.
Lace Wig With Invisible Hairline
Celebrity inspired pictures are used only to show transformations of what you can achieve. MHD takes no credit in this celebrity's hair style.
Weaving and Front Lace Wigs

*    The Care And Styling of Wigs

    Measurements, Fitting And Placing Wigs

*     Hairstyling (Up-Do, finger waving, twist,                      wraps)

   Hair Shaping(hair thinning, shear                                 shaping, razor hair thinning and shaping)

    Scalp And Hair Treatments (corrective                        hair treatment, treatment for alopecia,                          and alopcia areata)

*    Indicates that this price will be established on 
      on a case by case bases after consultation.

Wig and Weave Care

Lacefront wig consultations incur a one time consultation fee of $55.00.  There is not a consultation fee for other hair care services.
Lacefront wig consultations incur a one time consultation fee of $55.00.  There is not a consultation fee for other hair care services.
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Hi.  My name is Minique Johnson. I enjoy adding more natural looks  to my clients' hair that bring gazes to them not because it looks like a weave or wig but because it's just naturally attractive... 
Just like the stars! It's all about the quality and versatility of the hair and the expertise of the artist.

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