If you'd like your hair to have more volume, length or highlights; or if you just want to turn simple strands into luxurious locks, the first thing to do is make an appointment at Minique Hair Designers and Hair Weeving Salon for a consultation. Your consultation fee will be applied to your procedure.Your scalp and hair will be analyzed to determine their current condition. Then you can decide what you want to do about it, and which of Minique's procedures is right for you and your lifestyle. Don't wait any longer! 


Specialties Offered:
Interlock Weaving:  
For the individual that desires a change to add length, thickness or color highlights.  This technique lasts up to three months.  Takes about 3 to 4 hours to complete service.  Interlock weaving is not damaging to the client's own hair. With Minique you are with a well trained master in this procedure with extensive credentials. Click Here to see credentials.
Non-Surgical Hair-Replacement:
Non-Surgical hair replacement is for people suffering from severe hair loss due to alopecia, loss due to heredity, chemotherapy and other hair loss issues.  This requires intergration pieces and units that provides solutions to these problems.
Lace Wigs or Lace Frontals: Celebrity's Choice
The wigs are custom fit, can be worn to change your hair style, add length, and color change (without the use of chemicals).
With these units the hair appears to come out of the scalp, giving a natural realistic look showing your own hairline perfectly. 

The choice of celebrities! Beonce', Maya (Girlfriends), Gabrielle Union, Tyra Banks and Lil' Kim. Look closely at the hairline. What do you see? Nothing. The natural looking hairline blends perfectly and so does the hair. Amazing!

This is a fusion.  The tips are made with keratin, which is non-damaging to the hair.  Hair is made of 100% Remy hair, with European straight, deep wave and soft wave textures.
Integration Units:
These units are for the individual who desires to add length or fullness.  This is custom made to fit your head by taking measurements.  It's a netted unit with 1/2" to 1" inch holes your natural hair is pulled through the unit to give a look of fullness.
Net Weaving Hair Replacement:
Net weaving is a technique used on clients who have had hair thinning and balding problems. This technique is more suitable permanent than a wig, it lasts up to three months.  The Net Weave technique is not damaging to the client's own hair.

Some styling tips are basic requisite for healthy and well groomed hair is constant cleanliness.

The scalp and hair should be kept clean by frequent treatment and shampooing.  Scalp treatments to preserve the natural health of the hair.  

Shampooing will keep the hair clean and prevent the hair 
from becoming dry and brittle and maintain its body and movement.

While combing and detangling the hair start at the ends and work your way to the scalp gently starting with a wide tooth comb first.

When visiting your professional between chemical services receive a deep penetrating treatment for moisture replacement or to prevent breakage.


Styling tips.....
For Lace Front Wigs and Hair Weaving

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